Custom developed post processors

Maximum automation

Design of our post processors provides automatic performance of all necessary calculation functions by the post processor without any additional actions of the users.

Configuration of the post processor for a specific machine ensures that a control program meets all users’ requirements and fully corresponds to the specification of the CNC system.

At the same time our post processors are flexible and can be easily tuned for any special cases when the users need additional functions for solving specific tasks. Our reliable and easy to use post processors have become very popular and highly praised by specialists!

Use of standard machine functions

Basic principle of our post processors design is maximum use of standard CNC system functions. In this case, the code of the control program is understandable and convenient for a machine operator.

However, absence or incorrect operation of any standard program functions of the CNC system required for efficient work with the equipment is not an obstacle for our specialists.

We can develop our own user procedures that compensate for the lack of standard functions in the CNC system and remove restrictions on the full use of the equipment capabilities.

Limit is exceeded on axis "Y=60" in operation "ZLEVEL_PROFILE". Limit for this machine is -40 to +40 mm. Use machine function TRANSMIT.

Invalid value of tool axis in operation "CONTOUR_PROFILE" Component "k" of tool axis vector is k=0.01256325

Built-in verification and safety

Safety of work with modern expensive equipment is number one priority of our company. Therefore our post processors have various built-in checks that minimize the risks associated with operating of control programs on real equipment.

Moreover, special scripts are built into the code of the post processor control program, allowing detection of potential errors that can be made by an operator during machine setting-up process (setting and measuring of cutting tools, fixing of a zero point); Appropriate warnings are provided for timely resolution of such issues.

In addition, due to the performance of checks during actual post processing, the time for development of control programs is reduced, since most of the errors can be detected and corrected before the stage of carrying out the off-machine verification.

Quality assurance

Debugging process

A post processor developed by our company is a synonym for the word 'quality'! Every post processor runs full debugging process on real machine tools with production of a test part and takes into account all specifics of each machine.

Technical support service

Technical support service is ready to help users in case of any questions arising during the work process, suggestions or comments regarding post processors or kinematic models of the equipment for the off-machine verification system for control programs.

Service Desk

You can send request / receive reply / track the status of the application using the Service Desk function via the secure Internet portal.

Special post processors

Complex CNC machines kinematics

In 11 years we have developed approximately 500 post processors and kinematic models of equipment for off-machine verification systems of control programs.

11 years of developing

500 post processors

It includes widely used equipment with typical kinematic schemes, as well as custom-built equipment with unique optional features.

Our specialists are familiar with all CNC systems available on the market and have extensive experience in development of post processors for both basic models of equipment and machines equipped with a wide range of additional options (interchangeable spindles or heads, controlled boring faceplates, angle heads, specialized controllable fixture, equipment with support for multithreaded processing, etc.).

Programming of special instrumentation

When equipment is purchased for specific and unique tasks it is usually equipped with rather complicated special instrumentation and accessories.

At the same time, as a rule, CAM-systems do not have standard functionality for efficient work with such equipment, which results in considerable labour cost of technological preparation for production.

We offer individual approach to solving problems of working with such equipment via adaptation of CAM-system to effective management of special equipment, allowing full use of all equipment features and ensuring significant reduction of time of technological preparation for production.

Robotics programming

Do you have a robot that must perform a specific task? No problem! The robot’s model or the type of function it should perform does not matter for us. We will make it work in any case! Are there many tasks and do they keep changing? We will develop a special toolkit that will enable your specialists to program robots for the given tasks!

Customized and special features

Probing on CNC machines

Very often there is a need to control critical dimensions of a workpiece directly on the CNC equipment after its processing. For solving this problem we have developed a specialized option with capabilities far exceeding standard means of the CAM-system.

Based on the results of measurements on the machine a protocol is drawn up to enable making a conclusion regarding compliance of the obtained size results with the requirements of the technical documentation as well as making decision if there is a need for refinement (in this case further processing is carried out without reinstalling the workpiece on the machine, which results in considerable reduction of time and does not require laborious verification of the workpiece on the device).

In addition, the function of measurement on the machine can be used to link the zero point when processing parts that require an individual approach to each workpiece (most relevant for castings, stampings and welded structures).

Adaptive processing

Adaptive processing option allows obtaining critical dimensions of parts which are subject to increased requirements in terms of manufacturing precision, in an automatic mode regardless of the experience and qualifications of the CNC machine operator.

Elimination of human error factor results in reduction of rejections at the stage of machine processing of the part. This solution is ideal for productions using sharpened cutting tools. Adaptive processing control is effectively used in serial and single productions. In addition, we have developed a unique option of rough adaptive processing, which allows processing of a workpiece on CNC equipment without preliminary preparation (rough sizing), resulting in reduction of the production cycle of parts manufacturing.

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