Our team

For more than 11 years our specialists have been improving their skills in technological preparation of production.

During this time we managed to develop and enhance a unique method of training our personnel and to grow a whole generation of professionals capable of solving the most complicated technological problems and achieving the best results at the highest level of quality.

Regulations and standardization of business processes allow us to optimize the timing of project implementation for our customers.

Modern advanced technologies

One of the most important components of success in the modern world is the speed of mastering new processes and technologies.

Our specialists constantly search for advanced technologies in the field of metalwork, conduct experiments with the tools and study new properties of equipment and we are ready and willing to share our experience.

Besides, close contacts with the colleagues from our clients’ companies ensure a continuous process of sharing experience.

Customized services

Production of an airplane is a completely different task as compared to production of a car. Completing these tasks requires flexibility and understanding of the specifics of production processes.

Taking into account different specialization of our customers in the field of mechanical engineering, we have a wealth of experience in various industrial areas.

We are exceptionally good at taking into account different types of series, processed materials, tools, equipment and established traditions of our clients. Therefore, we are ready to play by your rules!

Technical support and maintenance

Having purchased expensive equipment our customers aspire to master it as soon as possible and to launch the production of parts using this new equipment. In order to avoid errors at the initial stage our company provides our customers with technical support.

Our specialists ensure professional assistance for the implementation stage of new parts production and consult the Customer's technologists. There is nothing better than a reliable partner, who is nearby at a difficult moment.

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